Peter Warren Show Critique Video

I really look it when someone videos these Show Critiques, better than most demo videos. Here’s Perter Warren having a wonder around a show waxing lyrical 🙂 Looking forward to having Peter as a house guest this October, I’m told he’s house trained!

Not sure why it’s in Black & White!


Bertie’s Beauties

I called over to see Bertie yesterday in a successful attempt to avoid shopping with my wife. We spent a very enjoyable hour or so sitting among his bonsai chatting and even playing around with a tree. As you walk up the steps to Bertie’s tree area, this is what greets you.

Like myself, he is struggling this year to keep on top of the weeds! Never had a year like it for unwanted accents!! Anyway I used my old faithful portable backdrop to photograph some of his smaller trees.

This Cotoneaster in a decent pot next year will be a cracker little tree.

Another Cotoneaster that I repotted with Bertie earlier in the year is doing well.

Japanese Maple

A nice little Hornbeam.

A sumo Spindle.

His cracking little Satsuki


Another as yet unstyled Larch that I just love.

A nice Scottie

and to finish off, a lovely Potentilla

Elm Stump

I air layered the top off this cork bark elm back in May 2011 and it was removed in August 2011.

This is what I wanted to do with the stump.

This is the new buds appearing in September 2011

This is what it looks like now in just under a year.

And after another trim.


Mame Dwarf Willow

I lifted this little willow out of the grit tray for trimming. I think a better pot next year might be in order 🙂

Before a light trim.

and after with the other side selected as a better front.

Nice progression on Mr Snart’s tree. Great blog too, worth adding to your bookmarks if you are not already a follower.

One Flower Will Have To Do

Looks like it could only manage one flower in this little pot.

Try Try Again

I saved this cedar from the chop back in 2008. It was growing as a tall tree in the middle of a lawn. The owner wanted it removed as it was ruining the lines created by his lawnmower! There was 4 of them but this was the only survivor from collection. They had strimmer damage and very poor roots.

I wasn’t sure if it would even make a tree and to be honest the jury is still out on that point!! It is very straight and resembles a fence post. I don’t have the photos from the first shaping back in 2009. It was just branch selection and some primary branch wiring done to drop the branches.

A short time later I wanted to practice my carving and decided this would make a good practice piece. I wasn’t too worried about  it and I thought that carving might add interest to the trunk and take away from the straightness.

You can see that I need the practice!! I then wired the tree to replace the branches at the right angles. This all took place over a 4 month period.


I wasn’t overly happy with the result. I considered lowering the height of the tree and perhaps creating a jinned apex like the virtual below. However, I wanted two tall trees that would eventually sit either side of a gate into the bonsai section of my garden. I have another one of a similar size and style and decided to keep it the full height. This meant keeping the cheat of an apex.

This is another virtual done back in2010

Yesterday I brought it into the garage and started to tidy up the weeds in the pot and and remove old needles. Before I knew it the wire was out again!  Lots of growth in the last year with enough extension that I could hopefully improve the image. Branches have sprung up and needed to be brought back down again.

Me for scale.

After four hours this was the best I could come up with. I had to take it slow and steady with my dodgy shoulder but I got there in the end. I was able to use foliage to hide the bad apex.

Still a lot I’m not happy with but perhaps some day it’ll be worth all the effort. I do have a soft spot for that lovely blue foliage 🙂

Happy Bonsai Day

My surprise and delight when I checked in for a look at a new post on Nekotoban ‘Bonsai Days’ blog to find this birthday display just for me 🙂

Thank you so much Yumiko 😀

Cotoneaster Tidy Up

Should have taken a before photo of this one to show just ow vigorous it’s been this year. I air layered the apex off it earlier in the year and am now filling out the new apex. This was it after the tidy up.


Happy Birthday to Me

Another milestone comes and goes today. No intention of saying how old I am as there are a few cheeky beggars on here that will only take the hand out of me 😛

This page on our Club blogsite was drawn to my attention by a fellow bonsai blogger last week. Alberto kind of stumbled across the page and enjoyed the story. I thought I’d share it here. It’s the story of how I got started in bonsai and shows my garden over the early years. It’s kind of embarrassing really, it’s shows that I really have aged !

NIBS – Ian’s Profile