Cork Bark Elm Air Layer

I took a notion to create a broom Style Cork Bark Elm. (Doesn’t he already have one!) Yes, I have one but I want one slightly bigger 🙂 I’m not exactly short of Cork Bark Elms see next pic, and I have one that I had styled but didn’t have great branch placement. I was going to chop the top but decided to air layer instead.

Some Corkies in the Tunnel.

This is the one selected for layering.

I removed a few branches and marked out the area to ring.

I used a sharp knife and cut top and bottom of the planned ring.

I removed the bark in between with side branch cutters.

It’s amazing just how thick the bark is one this variety.

Sphagnum moss is then applied arounf the ring and held in place with cling film.

To finish off I wrap a strip of pond liner around it to keep it dark to encourage roots. his can be removed to check for white roots inside the cling film.

It’s back in the Poly Tunnel and has had a good soaking to ensure the moss is evenly damp. I’ll keep you posted. I think this should issue roots quite quickly.

7 comments on “Cork Bark Elm Air Layer

  1. You have too many you should off load… To me lol just kidding did you give the huge one to Peter or was phil winding me up again


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