Olay! Olay! Olay! Olay!!

Congratulations to the European Ryder Cup Team, this year’s worthy winners. Especially to Rory McIlroy our wee man from Northern Ireland 🙂

Spirit of Seve 🙂


Fuji Autumn Colour

Very disappointed with this Fuji Cherry this year growth wise, but at least it had the common decency to provide a little colour.

Rossi is Red

Accent Autumn Colour, now officially my favourite accent.

Haw Hawthorn

The other tree that took a tumble in the wind on Tuesday was Brian’s Hawthorn. It was undamaged.

I took the dead leaves off for a better photo of the Haws.

Trident Tumble

After two days of crappy weather, I ventured up to the back of the garden to see what state my trees were in. Heavy rain and high winds had been constant on Monday and Tuesday.

This is what I found. Two trees had been blown off a bench and one had smashed a pot. That’s the bad news, the good news is that they weren’t mine!!

Not really good news as I felt rather guilty as these trees and a few others are in my care for a few weeks while Brian is away on holiday.

A quick check of my pot stash and I found a suitable replacement for the Trident. I transferred it over but it will need a proper repot in the Spring. I actually prefer the new pot to the old one.

Blogs Added

I’ve added a couple of Bonsai Blogs to my favourites list.

I like to check who linking to me on my stats and if I like what I see, I return the favour. Both these blogs fit the bill.

Little Trees from Sweeden has some exhibition photos and some very tasty yamadori.

Craggy Bark Bonsai is a new blog. I don’t know Paul, at least I don’t think I do! Who knows who anyone is on the internet!!  The blog reminds me of when I started mine back in February 2011. Worth a look and a follow I think.

But it’s Wednesday!

Some photos taken on my Sunday walk in Redburn Country Park overlooking Belfast Lough. Yes, it’s Wednesday. How could I be so slack in taking 3 days to post?  Easy 🙂 I’m up to my neck in work, don’t be surprised if I even miss a daily post ❗ Like you’d even notice 😀

Here’s a panoramic from the top of the park overlooking the docks.

Only two walking partners on Sunday, Stephen, the Bonsai Baker, on the left and my much older brother Philip on the right 🙂 Don’t know if he looks at this much, but I guess I’ll find out !

I love spotting trees that inspire for bonsai and this park is full of them. Old beech trees can found everywhere and there’s also Pine, Larch, Rowan, Linden, Birch etc. This first one reminds me of the bank that the hobbits hid below in Lord of The Rings when being chased by Ring Wraiths!

This is like a Dr Who Baddie or some sort of giant octopus

This one is.. just darn pretty

The view overlooking Harland and Wolff Shipyard were the Titanic was built and launched.

Rowan berries in the process of getting stripped by the birds.

Interesting tree, hollow shari on this side but looks pretty whole until…

….you see the other side.

And here we return to the Lord of The Rings theme with Bilbo the Hobbit finding a new home.

My usual hunt for fungi

This is the usual sticker on dog waste bins…

But then some local vandals with a sense of humour decided to make a few alterations making it more of a Bullshit Bin 🙂

But this was the best of their efforts.

Happy Arthur’s Day!

Paint the Town Black 🙂


Autumn Kicking In

Every day I see further signs of Autumn in my garden and among my bonsai. This is a shohin Spirea turning all shades of red.


I’ve had these 3 Japanese Larch as a group for many year. Each tree is actually very nice on it’s own. I’ve got to the stage now were I have lost interest in the group. Rather than sell it, I’m going to take it apart and pot up the trees individually. At some point in the future, providing I can get similar quality larch, I may put it back together as a bigger group. As you can see, I have also allowed these free growth this year to give me a few extra options once they are potted up separately.

These are a few photos taken over the years showing this tree develope. Earliest is 1997. I think I have moved on to the extent that it doesn’t ‘float my boat’ any more. I still look back at these photos with fond memories.