Parks and Recreation

Over the last few days I’ve managed to pack in a few bits of native Aussie trees and wildlife. Here’s a flavour.


Inspiring Company

My weekend with the Bonsai Society of Western Australia is complete and I’ve had today to reflect.

I aimed to help inspire the spread of bonsai into the southern end of Western Australia, and on reflection I think they helped inspire me in return.

Such a great group of people made up of not only members of BSWA and Bonsai Workshop, but some new faces from the local area. It looks like WA could soon see a new club emerging.

Day three was my demo followed on by the rest of the workshop.

I have too many people to thank for their assistance over the weekend but Dianne deserves special mention for her sterling efforts in keeping me out of trouble for 3 whole days. I can safely say I have many new friends in the southern hemisphere.

Here’s a few pics from the event.

GAB in Bunbury WA

Great night with the Bonsai Society of Western Australia in Bunbury. Their first GAB event reaching out from Perth to spread the Art of Bonsai. Roll on tomorrow’s workshop.

Off to Australia

Off on my travels again today. Heading to Perth in Western Australia for fun with family out there. My trees are left in in care of a highly trained team know affectionately as the ‘Water Boys’ 😂 thank you gentlemen.

I’m looking forward to some more inspiration from Native Australian species and hooking up with the Bonsai Society of Western Australia for a few days at the weekend. In the meantime I’ll just have to queue up at numerous airports on the way.

Mirai: Slice of Heaven

I’m sharing a link to Mirai’s latest blog post which shows how the property came into existence. But I wanted to add my own thoughts on this if I may.

Having been to Mirai, I mention that from time to time around here 🙂 , I can say that it’s not a property, it’s one of those special places that you come across that is good for the soul. I’ve found a few over the years, many not bonsai related, such as Crater Lake in Oregon, Hornhead in Donegal, Kinbane Head in Antrim, Tookalup Lookout in Western Australia, among the Redwoods in Kings Canyon National Park in California to name a few. But I’ve been to a few bonsai related ones too. Willowbog Bonsai in the North of England has a special feel to it that I always enjoy. Peter Warren’s garden in London and Michael Hagedorn’s place in Portland both have a great vibe about them as well, but Mirai for me is as special as they come. I truly can’t wait to get back.

Click on the image below to read the blogpost.

Peter Warren Weekend @ Munster Bonsai Club

Last weekend I was invited as a guest of Munster Bonsai Club to attend the Peter Warren two day workshop hosted by the Cuan Mhuire Garden Centre in Bruree. I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to watch and listen to Peter at work so popped down to road to Limerick to see the action. Peter flies under the radar in the bonsai world, a self confessed self deprecating personality with a unique but practical approach to bonsai cultivation and design, always putting the tree first over the owner. A true tree lover, you could almost call it Budan love 😉

We had two glorious days in the Limerick sunshine and even had to move outside to stop melting at one point. With 6-7 participants each day and a few added observers we had a pretty full house. It was great to meet up with a few people who to date I’d only texted with prior. More bonsai friendship in action, what it’s all about and makes for a fun weekend.

Congratulations to Munster Bonsai, especially Mark and Michael for organising and hosting the weekend. Your club continues to push bonsai learning and September marks 5 years from the point where we started this journey together in a Hurling Club in Cork. A long way in a short time.

Below is a gallery of some of the photos taken included before and after pics for the overly curious and many shots capturing the days activity. Some are a little out of order but you’ll figure it out.

Kusamono Workshop @ Bud

When I was in County Clare on my travels I did a Kusamono workshop in partnership with Ray at Bud Garden Centre. Being a bit of a passion for me and also catching on fast with the folk down there we thought we’d give it a whirl with limited numbers due to space available. We even had sign ups from people outside of bonsai which was great. Here are a few photos of the planting created on the day.

This was A first Bud/Eejit collaboration and watch this space for future events in the Bunratty area.

Summer Walks

A gallery of photos taken on some of my walks this summer nearly all in the North Down area. Portaferry, Crawfordsburn, Mountstewart areas. I’ll say it before you do, I have a thing for old graveyards 😉

Munster Roadtrip

Back in the Heatwave, remember those days lol, I was on my travels in Munster province of Ireland working with some of the bonsai folk in that area. I did a school day with the Munster Bonsai Club one of the days and then toured around a few gardens working on trees. Here’s a gallery of a few of the trees and gardens visited. Agreat 9 days on the road but I was glad to get home and see my dogs and unwind. A big thank you to all the guys Munster group for continuing to support my road trips. See you again in November.

about Peter Warren

Looking forward to this weekends Workshop and a big thank you to the guys in the Munster Bonsai Club for inviting me down.

Munster Bonsai Club

We’re looking forward to our workshop with Peter Warren this weekend. If you want to know more about him follow the links below;

peter warrenPeter Warren Bonsai artist Interview by Shinichi Adachi films [2017]

Peter’s own website;

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