Root Over Rock Trident Maple Repot

I bought this Trident back in 2011. This is the pot it was in at the time. I didn’t like the rectangle and I didn’t like that the rock over hung the left side of the pot.

I opted to change the pot to this Walsall Ceramics pot in February 2012.

And there it stayed until last week. I had another pot come into my hands that I wanted to try out and then of course I found another one as a second option. I tried the tree out in each pot.

This was the blue option

and this was the cream/white option.

After some deliberation I opted for the cream pot. It was my favourite of the two anyway but I was also able to twist the tree slightly more in the pot with the extra front to back space allowing for a slightly new front that shows a little of the rock to the right side of the far right root which I think adds to the image.


Root Over Rock Itiogawa Juniper

After waiting to make sure this Juniper was happy after a recent styling, I finally transferred it over to a new pot. Not the final pot, but one that allowed me to adjust the tree to the proper planting angle.

Before styling in February.


After styling in March.


Repotted now.



Winter Image – Trident Maple

That time of the year when we get to see the good and the bad in the branch structure of our trees.The dregs of Autumn removed to show my Trident Maple.





Welcome Home Old Pal

Peter Snart kindly delivered my Root Over Rock Trident Maple back to me a few weeks back. It had been over at Willowbog Bonsai for the BSA Exhibition. This is it as I got it back. A little over grown but in fine health as you’d expect 😉

I had to address the overgrown shoots that had now overly thickened some of the outer canopy. The only way I could do this was by defoliation and then thinning out of the fat areas. This was it after defoliation.

and again after thinning out, you can see I’ve also removed the moss, I want to be able to keep an eye on the watering better and the moss was obscuring my view of this and also taking some of the water for itself.

In hindsight I have missed an opportunity 😦 I should have left the bottom few branches untouched to allow them to fatten further to get a better balance in the tree. Ah well…


Decision to Make

This root over rock Cotoneaster is up for a make over. The bottom branch is very low and although it looks fine in it’s bare winter image, it has been bothering me in leaf. It doesn’t get much light and can get a little weak and leggy. I was looking at it a few days back with a view to removing it. One of the benefits would be to show off the root over rock portion a little better. I took this photo and then photoshopped the branch away. I then extended the branch above slightly and think we have  found the way to go.




That Pot

The pot that I swapped with Stephen a week ago has now found a new tenant. I really wanted to get a tree into it this year just so I could look at the pot on the benches 🙂 I survey of trees brought me to this root over rock Cotoneaster. It’s current matt brown pot isn’t lifting the tree in any way. I wanted something that would help show off the flowers, berries and amazing Autumn colour. This pot might not be ideal, but it close for me. The size was just slightly larger than the old pot and I was able to lean the tree slightly to the right to make the image more dynamic and bring the heavy root to the left more into play.

This was it in the Autumn, so you can see why I wanted to lift the colour of the pot to compliment the foliage.

and before potting

and after in the new pot at a new angle.


Autumn Colour on Root Over Rock Trident

Been waiting for this maple to start turning 🙂

That’s Better

This Cotoneaster, also on rock, mustn’t be as tasty as the other one. The berries seem to have survived so far.

So Much For a Show of Berries!

This root over rock Cotoneaster has under gone a few changes this year with the top air-layered off and the process of creating a new apex under way.

I at least thought that I would get the chance to enjoy it’s usual excellent show of berries. No, not this year. I’ve been the victim of a raid! All but two berries have gone and I even found some evidence of the thief being there  😕

The two survivors

Spot the evidence, freshly dropped by the look of it. It’s as well I love wildlife 😆

Cotoneaster Tidy Up

Should have taken a before photo of this one to show just ow vigorous it’s been this year. I air layered the apex off it earlier in the year and am now filling out the new apex. This was it after the tidy up.