Study Group

Interested in pushing on your bonsai knowledge and practising your skills?

Why not sign up for a bonsai study group in 2018. These are based in Newtownards and held once a month in a  4 hour session. Two separate groups exist, a Friday night group running from 7pm to 11pm and a Saturday morning group running from 10am to 2pm.

Each session looks at the fundamentals of bonsai design starting each session with a tree critique. We blend a mix of hands on work such as wiring, pruning, carving, repotting, etc, along side some specific study of species, techniques, horticultural care etc.

Turn up empty handed and all materials and tools are supplied for the session. Tea and coffee are on tap. Group numbers are limited to ensure a comfortable session with potential for learning.

Each session costs £10 and has the flexibility that if you can’t make the group session you signed up for, you can switch to the other group. Why so cheap I hear you say, you must be mad. Not really, the deal is that you pay every month even if you can make it, which guarantees me that costs are covered.

If the date is changed with less than a months notice and you can’t make the new session, then you are not charged for the month.

Special group projects are ongoing from 2017 sessions and will carry on into the 2018 sessions. Some of these will be extra joint group sessions.

Here are a few reviews from 2017 students.

‘In terms of the financial outlay, I felt the group provided the best value for money I’ve experienced. Not only did I get access to Ian’s amazing depth of knowledge, I was also able to work on a stunning range of Bonsai material.

Each group was custom designed to meet the needs of individual members so no-one felt left out at any point. This was also backed up by Ian’s seemingly endless patience and understanding. 

I simply cannot recommend the study group enough’


‘The Study groups not only give me a better knowledge of how to care and maintain bonsai but also the art of creating, styling and displaying trees.

I now have the confidence to do more with my trees and a better idea when I should stop. The group in general is great for hearing other opinions.

I feel more connected to other growers in Ireland and a better idea what’s going on in the rest of the world. The group is also great for  obtaining bonsai materials.’


Give me a call on +4407795263569 or email me at

Here’s a few photos from 2017 study group sessions.