Welcome to my Bonsai Blog.


Over the last few years I have become a fan of following bonsai blogs and I decided to jump in and give one a go for myself. I started this Blog in February 2011.

I have tried over the years to keep records of my bonsai and usually forget to keep them updated, or loose the information when the computer crashes! It dawned on me that a better way would be to keep those records here in the online world were others can also view and share my experiences, successes and mistakes.

Please keep checking in as I will be adding Case Studies to help me keep a record of certain bonsai in my collection. I plan to include a full gallery of my trees through the seasons. In recent months I have been doing my best to add daily blog posts covering, not only my bonsai, but my adventures while out walking and looking for inspiration.

A few years ago I was asked by BBC NI to feature my garden on their new gardening programme called ‘Secret Gardens’. I was a tad camera shy, but agreed, and this is what was produced. It took two days of filming and they left out the best bits! It’s was filmed in 2006, so is a bit out of date as far as my trees go, but it’ll give you an idea what I look like at least.

Feel free to comment on any page, and I would love you to say ‘hi’ on the guest book if you have liked what you’ve read.


63 comments on “Home

  1. Just had to look at the site and blog when I returned after our earlier meeting. Very impressed with it all, remind me to ask what do you do in your spare time. The site has grown so much in a short space of time, I will look more often. Good luck.


  2. Hi there, great blog!
    I’am following your posts for some time now. Very informative. The trees’ annual cycle nicely parallels what has to be done on the trees in the Netherlands. It make syour blog a perfect “calendar watchdog” to remind me on actions to be taken on my own trees.
    Furthermore, in my opinion, you have a keen eye for photography, to catch the moment & detail. Nice combination of bonsai and nature (tiny ánd big). I enjoy it very much.
    Best regards from the Netherlands.


    • Hi Harry,
      Thanks for taking the time to reply. I started this as a diary to keep a record of my own tasks. Interesting to hear you are using it for a similar purpose. It has now become much more. I probably post too much and I’m sure I’ll slow it down at some point depending on work and the seasons. In the mean time I’m just enjoying the experience. It’s made me look at my trees in more detail and it has certainly got me used to my new camera 🙂
      Thanks for your kind words, keep reading and keep the comments coming.



  3. Ian, I enjoyed our visit. You obviously have a gift. It;s always productive when others critique our collection……(we sometimes get too accustomed to our own trees). My buddy Paul (OrlandoBonsai) came over for dinner Sunday (his beautiful wife;s birthday) and we had a few chuckles as we told Marcie about our new Irish bonsai eejit’s…….. hey to Stephen….rj
    I like your blog…..nice trees……different from what I see around here……….


    • Thanks for checking in Rick. Thanks for your kind comments about my bonsai. Now you can see why most of yours were new to me. I pointed out a Pond Cypress to my kids yesterday, I needn’t have bothered lol.
      Don’t sell that Holly 🙂




  4. Ian
    It was so great to meet you and I appreciate you taking the time out of your vacation to visit my bonsai collection. Next time I’m in Ireland I’ll drop by.

    Great site! Please keep in tou

    Your new fan


    • Thanks Paul, Stephen and I had a great time visiting your garden. Thanks for letting us have a look. You’d be more than welcome in Ireland to have the favour returned. You’ll have to speak proper English when you come 🙂 None of than Aluminum rubbish lol. I’ll get a like up for your site when I get home.



  5. Tell Stephen I checked out his 360 trees on the NI website. Nice……….I especially like the Japanese Maple…………..rj


  6. Hey…nice new pic’s. 2 boughies, a raintree and a winged elm forest look very familiar……wondering about the dwarf crown of thorns???????????? any luck? Stephen in custody? rj


    • Hi Rick, all efforts to introduce the spikey fellas to Irish Sunshine would appear to have been successful 🙂 I’ll be posting about our visit to you place shortly. I’m still getting over the jet lag. Never had it so bad!!


  7. Ian, the holly (Yaupon) is an ilex vomitoria (Native Americans used it to brew tea for use in their rituals…only males …..it induced vomiting. uuuugh) You were right about the Cypress…..Pond it is……..guess you answered my question about your crown of thorns………..whoooopppppeeee or whoooopass……. Thanks for the blog mention….your visit was fun….rick


  8. You have the coolest bonsai logo! I think your bonsai 360 and progressions are excellent. Photos are a great way to evaluate your bonsai; especially in black and white one right after you wire a tree. Little issues you wouldn’t normally see show up immediately. Peter Adams told me that a few years ago. Keep up the great work. I’d have a blog if I thought I could make a good one and devote the proper time to it. For now, the YouTube series seems most effective.

    Owen Reich


  9. Thanks Owen, the guy in the logo looks like me 🙂

    Indeed photos are strange things, you take one and the tree changes in front of your eyes. Amazing what obvious things you miss.

    Blogging takes a lot of time, I think I set my bar too high with a daily post! I think you can be happy with your contributions to bonsai via Youtube, the best there is. Any more for release?


  10. Hi Ian, thanks for your “i like it”

    You already know i posted a double trunck silvestris pine, could you kindly help me with the desing, pls???? THANKS A LOT.




  11. I have always been fascinated by the art of Bonsai. Thanks to you I now have a wee bit more understanding of it. Unfortunately I do not have a green thumb in any way but I will enjoy reading about your wonderful garden.


  12. I love this site. Your list of Bonsai forums and blogs is pretty extensive. I came here from the Saruyama Blog. Definetly a bookmark. I will be back.


  13. Ian, I just watched “The Secret Gardens ” video. You have some really remarkable trees. Do you really just take any old tree and make a bonsai from it? You mean you don’t have to spend a ton of money on any specially bred varieties?


  14. hi ian what a fantastic blog I am envious I cannae even get started on the basic set of setting up a Blog I would like your help in if you don’t mind or not to busy getting one up an running for my views and antics of Wirral workshop and shows Its the best Bonsai Blog I have seen CONGRATS Ian all your hard work is paying of
    take care
    Jim thelad


  15. Thanks Ian i have a had go a few times but just can’t seem to get it right as to what the H++L i am supose to do thanks for this Your as the football world would say “Top Drawer” what ever that means have a great relaxing week-end Sorry for using the above my daughter address in My last post above


  16. I really enjoyed the BBC presentation! Your collection is lovely. I live in San Diego, California, and I wonder if there are trees that would lend themselves to my climate and space.

    Anyway, well done!


    • Hi Brian,

      Thank you. The BBC thing was ages ago but was fun to do. Plenty of bonsai related activity with your neck of the woods, Look for a local club or a bonsai professional in that area to get you started. The tree you were admiring in your other comment is a Japanese White Pine.


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