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In 2012 I was asked if I would be willing to do ‘one 2 one’ bonsai workshops. After some thought on this I decided to look at this format a more serious way. I have helped hundreds of people with their bonsai over the years via the NI Bonsai Society, but one elements that is missing here in Northern Ireland & Ireland was a more intense learning experience for bonsai. Group workshop have their place but can be off putting for some people and are not the best learning method available.

I gave the content of what I would be delivering in my sessions some thought and did a little research into what was best practice in this area. I had taken many one 2 one sessions back in the first 10 years of my own learning and found these invaluable. I was also able to draw on my own experiences over the last 22 years working with many top names in bonsai in group workshops.

Over the last few years I started delivering sessions to a number of people who are keen to progress not just their own bonsai, but also their bonsai skills and learning. These have went from strength to strength and the workshops are tailored to fit the needs of each individual student. Special focus is given to pushing the person to progress their ability to select and style bonsai covering not only the initial shaping but the refinement of the tree.

I have now decided to use my blog to help promote these available ‘one to one’ sessions. Each session is a minimum of 4 hours but can be extended to accommodate larger projects. Sessions are held either at my home in Newtownards with full workshop facilities and refreshments available or I can travel to the home of the person requesting with travel expenses covered. Saturdays, Sundays and weekday evening slots available.

‘Two to One’ Workshops are also available at a reduced rate per head. Teaming up with a friend at a similar level can be A beneficial learning experience.


Give me a call on +4407795263569 or email me at  for a quote. It costs less that you think 🙂

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Some Links to recent Bonsai eejit One to One Workshops :

December 2014 San Jose Juniper

February 2015 Japanese Maple Session

November 2014 Japanese Maple Raft

November 2014 Japanese Larch

November 2014 Two to One Session

Gift Vouchers available for you to give as gifts to family and friends, both beginners sessions and also for the enthusiast.

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Beginners-gift-vouchers Blog page


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