Gotta Love a Tree Critique

Maybe it’s just me but I love it when someone takes the time to video a show critique session, especially when they fight their way to the front 🙂 Thanks of bonsai magazine

It’s always interesting to see what different artists chose to comment on, and we can all learn from that. It’s not always about the quality of the trees but about display in general. This series of videos from the Prairie State Show has Walter Pall and Jim Doyle in full flow. Walter always makes it interesting and Jim has a honest way of putting his information across. The camera zoom/focus noise is a real pain but stick with it and you soon filter it out as the critique progresses.


Peter Warren Show Critique Video

I really look it when someone videos these Show Critiques, better than most demo videos. Here’s Perter Warren having a wonder around a show waxing lyrical 🙂 Looking forward to having Peter as a house guest this October, I’m told he’s house trained!

Not sure why it’s in Black & White!

Exhibit Critique – Ryan Neil

I found these on You Tube, via ‘ofbonsai Magazine’.

I loved them and I’m sure everyone watching them will find them interesting. They show Ryan Neil doing a tree critique at the Mid West Bonsai Society Show. Each one is over 30 minutes long but they fly through. Very interesting to hear a Westerner balancing what he has learned in Japan with what he likes in Western Bonsai.

Well done also to the Mid West Bonsai Society for putting on an excellent show for us to see. Isn’t the internet fantastic? 🙂

Just click on the images below to see the videos on You Tube.

Part One

Part 2