Stolen Bonsai Sad Days

I’m amazed just how many great bonsai have been stolen in the last few weeks in Europe! Even more saddened by the fact that the thief is probably known to the tree owners as previously knowledge of the gardens would have be needed.

To help with the hunt for these persons, I’ll do what little I can and post the images here to help stop resale, but to be honest, they’ll be sitting in the chaps back garden. What enjoyment can he gain from these trees is beyond me. Every glance at them is a reminder of the crime and the chance of being caught.

These 2 stolen from Walter Pall.

This one from Hans Kastner Germany

These two Japanese White Pine stolen from Francois Jeker in France.


Ivy Air Layer

I decided yesterday to check on the air layer done earlier in the year on an Ivy. THIS is the previous post about it.

I’ve had to trim back the foliage a few times since the layer was added in May. This was it as I started yesterday.

On removing the black cover and cling film I was happy with the results.

I think this will make a rather nice little shohin. I potted it into a slightly larger pot than required. Nothing suitable on the shelf. Also potted at the wrong angle to ensure that the new roots are sufficiently covered. If the roots are coming out of the bottom in the Spring I might repot properly then. In the mean time it will go back in the poly tunnel to add a little time to the growing season to encourage more root.