For Sale: Bonsai

I wasn’t sure about adding a ‘For Sale’ page here but I’ve decided to give it a go.

This isn’t about business or making money, I simply have far too much material,  raw, styled and semi styled. By thinning the herd, I can devote more time to my chosen keepers and help finance the hobby.

All trees offered can be selected in the drop down from the For Sale: Bonsai tab. I would prefer collection but am willing to post trees up to Chuhin size, you pay delivery. Payment can be made by Paypal.


5 comments on “For Sale: Bonsai

  1. Ian

    Received my Field Maple today and am over-the-moon with it and all aspects of the purchase.

    The tree is in amazing condition, by far the best tree I’ve ever bought. It’s strong, healthy and vibrant. No signs of any criters, ailments or other issues either. :o)

    The tree was well packaged and still secured tightly in the box. The carrier had taken good care of it and had clearly taken note of the various ‘Fragile’ and ‘This Way Up’ signs you had put on the box. In fact it looked as though the tree had only just been packed.

    Thank you for putting up with the flurry of emails & questions, and responding to them so quickly. Thank you also for the tree history and photo’s.

    The only ‘criticism’ I would have had would have been the delivery costs, but this has been off-set by the excellent service from the carrier and the fact that the tree was priced so keenly.The next time I’m on the lookout for a tree you’ll definitely be the first place I look.

    Best Regards

    Gary (Tree Assassin)


    • Hi Alex, I have one small one for sale. What sort of size are you after? I may be able to source another one for you. Use the contact me tab at the top of the blog and I can send you photos if you are interested.




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