Busy Saturday

I had a busy but very enjoyable day yesterday here at my home as I hosted the first Club Bonsai School of 2015. We have been doing this for 4 years with Willowbog Bonsai but this year we are on our own. We are taking this as a challenge to shake things up and take a different approach. We will now be taking every opportunity to push on the learning of our keener members by setting them presentation tasks within each school. This combined with outside artists and our own in house talent will help us progress bonsai in Ireland.

Members have given us great support and we had a fantastic first Bonsai school of the year.

Here’s a few photos but for a full run down see the club blog HERE.






Back in the Hot Seat

After our club AGM on Friday I find myself back in the hot seat as chairman.

Looking forward to 2014 and what it brings in the way of bonsai. A new committee in place with a few changes taking place and a strong team ready for taking the club forward.

Bonsai Ireland Hub

It’s time to get organised people!

After years without an organised bonsai scene in Ireland we now have a new drive to fulfill the needs of bonsai enthusiasts across this Island. As Chairman of the NI Bonsai Society, a club that has been running from 1986, I get many requests from people all over Ireland looking to get involved in Bonsai as a hobby. Some travel up to our events from as far away as Cork, but many can’t commit to this. This is a missed opportunity as far as connecting like minded people goes.

Well, this is now coming to an end! With the hard work of Paul Masterson in creating the Bonsai Ireland Hub,you can now sign up and chat and connect via the the new hub site. Each member club will be showcased and we will share information about bonsai events across Ireland. We are also hoping to use it to launch new clubs as we go along. Munster, under the leadership of Adam and Piotr is already up and running, and we hope Dublin will follow shortly.

We are not trying to match the other bonsai forums out there doing a great job, just trying to fill a need here in Ireland. However, if you are an ex pat, or have Irish blood (probably most of the Western World!) then you are welcome to join the  Overseas Irish Group.

The Hub is up and running but no doubt there will be changes as we try and meet the needs of the members. We now need you to sign up and get involved to allow us to test things out and ensure that all is in working order.  Just click on the logo below to visit the hub. Come on, ya will, ya will ya will 😉


Robert Porch @ NIBS Club Night

On Friday we had Robert Porch with us at our Club Night. His lighthearted approach was appreciated by the members, even those he literally dragged up to the front to help with the demo!

The main point made during the evening was that bonsai for everyone watching was a hobby and that we should be doing it for enjoyment. I think we can safely say that we enjoyed our night. As usual some photos.

John’s large Japanese Black Pine grown from seed gets a first styling.

Hugh’s big larch on display.

Small Larch getting styled by Robert

Stephen gets dragged up for his input 😉

Now it’s Graham’s turn

Club Night Tonight

I know bonsai clubs are not for everyone. However the NIBS  has given me a lot of help and satisfaction over the 19 years I’ve been a member.

Tonight’s meeting will be interesting as I haven’t a clue how many will actually turn up. January is usually one of our busiest nights for some reason but tonight we have protesters and civil unrest in Belfast. So I have no doubt that many will avoid any possible trouble. I however, will there  🙂

Club Night

Last night was club night, it was great to see a great turn out after the Summer break. Especially with many of them being brand new faces 🙂

Many of the new members are beginners. I always wonder who will follow through and become as possessed about bonsai as I am!!

Happy Birthday to Me

Another milestone comes and goes today. No intention of saying how old I am as there are a few cheeky beggars on here that will only take the hand out of me 😛

This page on our Club blogsite was drawn to my attention by a fellow bonsai blogger last week. Alberto kind of stumbled across the page and enjoyed the story. I thought I’d share it here. It’s the story of how I got started in bonsai and shows my garden over the early years. It’s kind of embarrassing really, it’s shows that I really have aged !

NIBS – Ian’s Profile

Club Night

Last night was club night and it was great to get out and de-stress a bit and play with trees.

A great bunch of folk and getting bigger by the day.

Club Night January 2012

Had a good night at the club meeting last night. We had asked for members to bring Larch and we had a great turn out. As usual for January, numbers attending were up. Must be the post Christmas effect.

A few pics from proceedings.

Birch root over rock belonging to Hugh.

Roy’s Raulii

Phil pointing out how many more trees are needed in the forest planting.

First styling for Roy’s Larch.

Davy’s little shohin Yew

Larch Night @ The Club

I’m heading to an NIBS meeting tonight were we will be looking at some of the members Larch Bonsai. Our meetings are always workshop based and this year we have decided to theme a few of them on a specific species to allow for better learning. First meeting of the new year and I must admit, I’m rather looking forward to it.

I’m taking along this Larch group. It needs some thinning out where branch tips have become too congested with buds.