What about Team GB!!

14 Gold Medals to date, 6 today, 3 tonight in athletics alone. 3rd in the Medal Table behind two of the biggest countries in the world.


The rowing team had 3 medal winners from Coleraine in Northern Ireland, that’s more medals for Coleraine than for Sweeden so far!!

To top it off we have Jessica Ennis, Gold Medal winner in the Heptathlon and best looking athlete  in the games.

As you can guess, I have done little else this week other than watch the telly 🙂

Janet Juniper Adjustments

I had just started pinching this Juniper, [Full History Here] when I decided I should be taking a few photos for blogging. One handed pinching is rather difficult but my shoulder has improved. It took a while with quite a few breaks but I got there in the end.

This was it at the start, well almost.

I even remembered to use the towel technique for keeping the needles off the soil surface.

This was it after pinching

I decided that it was time to thin down the live vein a little more. This section looks a little thick I wanted to add more continuity between the areas of white wood.

This was it after removing a slice.

A little Lime Sulphur added.