Summer Accents

Sisyrinchium Rocky Point

Rhodohypoxis Confecta

Sisyrinchium Biscutella


Accent: Sisyrinchium ‘Devon Skies’

Some Accents

A few accent snaps from recent weeks.

Nice Impostors

I planted up a dwarf Horsetail in this pot about 4 years ago and promptly neglected it among the others on my bench. Over the four years I had a few neighbouring plants move in of there own accord and have now made this their home. It’s also made my feeble efforts at kusamono look average.

New additions include, Rowan, Cotoneaster, Viola, and whatever the hell the big tall thing is. No clue, obviously brought in by the birds.

Accent: Natives

Rustyback Fern with Sedum gifted to me from County Cork and now in a Magic Ceramic Tray/tile.

Sea Thrift planted onto rock from the West of Ireland.

Accent: Edelweiss

A dwarf form of Edelweiss. Potter unknown.

Accent: Vitaliana


Loving this little native of Sierra Nevada. Maybe I’ll get to see some in the wild this month.

Pot Wallsall Ceramics.

Accent: Sisyrinchium Devon Skies

It’s had to beat a Sisyrinchium at it’s peak. This ‘Devon Skies’ is a new variety to me this year and seems to flower a little earlier than my other varieties.


Scilla siberica

This one keeps on giving, continuous flowering for over a month now and the seed pods now add to the look. Pot by Magic Ceramics

Kusamono Workshop

Better late than never, I’m posting a few photos from the kusamono workshop back at the start of June. June has been a hectic month for me and I’m only catching up on things now.

I must say that these workshops are probably the best days craic you’ll have here in my garage and that’s saying something. There’s been countless sessions here over the years, mostly bonsai orientated, but for sheer enjoyment these have been a treat to host. I only wish I could post a few of the other photos I have from the day but sadly I don’t want to offend anyone :-O

As you can see most photos have people smiling or laughing, just look at the delight on Ben’s face below.

Even from behind you can tell Kris is smiling. Just look at that high cheek dimple 🙂

However I did keep them busy…

We kept Bob outside… Only joking, despite his American origins he’s been in Northern Ireland longer than the Scottish and English contingent at the workshop put together.

Some of the efforts from the day, they’ve still to fill and mature but are all great starting points. First the kusamono.


Even some Kokedama, mostly from the mossball king on the day, Kris 🙂

I’ll finish with Ben having a zen moment between his usual bouts of hyperactive verbal Englishness!

Next kusamono workshop will be Saturday 20th August.