Shohin Course With Morten Albek

Once again I was delighted to be asked to review the latest Bonsai Empire Course. This time we have a new face in front of the camera. Morten Albek is well known in the European bonsai community and more specifically the shohin side of things. The course was a pleasure to watch, and as we’ve come to expect from Bonsai Empire, of a high production quality and content.
For a non native English speaker, Morten’s English is probably easier to understand than my Northern Irish accent 🙂 He has laid out the content in small easy to follow lessons that you will be able to dip in and out of at your leisure. Content feels a little different to the preceding courses in that you are with Morten in his garden looking at the bonsai and displays with him. A refreshing change. The course covers a lot of basics of bonsai that refer not only to shohin but bonsai in general. We see wiring, repotting, care, and pruning all covered. The highlights for me though were the sessions on display and pot selection. Another plus point for many people out there will be his use of humble material for his creations showing what can be achieved with a little time and effort. Not all bonsai enthusiasts have the ability to afford top quality yamadori, indeed most people reading this blog with be on a tight budget.
If I was to be critical , only two things come to mind. I would have loved to have seen the display lecture being more extensive and perhaps with more content coming in 2019, this may well be part of the expansion. The other thing I noticed was a little bit of repetition in some areas. Morten even acknowledged this by stating that he was saying it again as it’s important. Either way his points were well made. I look forward to seeing what’s added next year and at the $44.99 price, one off payment for life, I think the course is a great starting point for anyone wanting to delve into the world of  shohin bonsai. Morten will be a good guide to get you going in the right direction. Well done Morten and Oscar, another bit of quality content for online learning. Interested, HERE is a link.

Mame Fuchsia

A bit of a surprise to see this little one flowering so early.

Wee Ones

Four of my wee ones.

I started the Sorbus Reducta in 1994.


The Elm has been with me for 5 years but is probably 20 years old in bonsai years. Now in a fantastic Magic Ceramic pot, a great match for the tree I think.


New to me this year, a little horse Chestnut gifted to me by my friend Maciej.


Finally my Juniper growing well since it’s repot this Spring.DSC_0304

Mame Hawthorn Cascade

I’ve had this little tree for 20 years, you’d think it’d be better by now lol.


Mame Elm

Potted up this little English Elm into it’s new pot made by Magic Ceramics.

A nice combo I think.


Mame Repot #4 Ivy



This one has gone back into the same pot. Temporary wire there to hold for a week or too. I have a blackbird who would just love to trail this one out of the pot!

Maybe a bit big for mame though 😦




Mame Repot #3 Goji Berry

Not a common subject for bonsai, never mind mame, but I like a challenge 🙂




Mame Repot #2 Cotoneaster

Next mame for a repot is this Cotoneaster.




Mame Repot #1 Heather

A change of pot for some of my wee ones. First up is my little Heather.




Gift of Roses

It must be love. Phil gave me this little dwarf rose when I was at his house last weekend. I popped it into this little pot.