200,000 Thank You!!

Today this blog hit 200,000 views!!

A big thank you to all who have become regular visitors to the site, I have made lots of friends around the world and I thank you all for your support.

I started the blog on the 10th February 2011 with very little expectation as to where I was going with it other than keeping a record of my own trees. Things have got somewhat out of hand 🙂

I thought I would share some of the stats with you .

I have had visitors from 146 countries. These are the top ones from this February from my stats list.

This is my 928th post!! and I’ve had 1849 comments 🙂

It took me 10 months to hit the first 50,000 and 3 months for the last 50,000!

These are my top referrers, if you are on this list, thank you for the links.


These are the folk who got the most referrals from me.

Next stop a quarter of a million!!!

Instead of me doing my own post about my visit to Hugh’s garden, I’ll just reblog Michael’s post. Much easier 😀


Ian young, Bertie Greer and myself had a very  enjoyable Monday Evening in Hugh Wilkinson’s garden. Bertie’s role and mine was to sit, observe, drink coffee and eat boiled cake. Hugh kept us entertained with his banter while Ian futtered with his trees and gave them a bit of a tidy up. It was a lovely evening, Hugh’s garden was beautiful and the chat was good. Here are a few pics of the garden and a few of Hugh’s fine collection of trees.
Garden View

Garden View

 Display Area

Display Area

Display Area 2

Display Area 2

Scots Pine

Scots Pine 2
Acer Palmatum

Acer Palmatum 1

Hugh Carrying Tree

Putting Hugh to Work

Too Busy to Smile

Just far too busy to even look our way


A striking display of Lilies

Although Hugh’s trees  are set  in a lovely display area he has plans to create yet another one to allow his pines to benefit from better light throughout the day. This should be worth seeing.

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