Get by With a Little Help from My Friends

I get asked to talk to various groups about bonsai during the year. I always try and spread the word as and when I can. On Monday I got a call from a local men’s group reminding me about a talk today! As I’m still not allowed to drive or lift things with my right arm I had to call on Michael, aka Futter With Trees, to give me a hand. It was one of those nice venues, you know the type, no parking, upstairs room and a long walk through doors with arms full of trees! Glad I wasn’t doing the carting 😀

Did my usual talk about bonsai, What are they, their history, the shapes and styles, their care etc. All went well and Michael even took a few snaps of me blethering  away. As you can see I take a selection of trees to display and talk through as part of the session. Everyone was in a suit and tie and there was me, the guest speaker in jeans and a t-shirt 😀 Michael said he also dressed down just to help take the bad look off me!!

I don’t really expect to get any new club members from this today but you never know. I’ve seen these things snowball and produce members via family members etc.

Escallonia Frog

This fellow seems to have taken up permanent residence in my big, recently collected, Escallonia. He buries himself in the sphagnum moss that I’ve used for top dressing and when I water, he climbs to the top of the tree for a shower. Great to have him about.