Guest Book

Thanks for having a look at my blog and all the little add ons as well.

I type away here, rambling on about my day to day bonsai doings and wonder, who are these people are who check in now and again for a look? If you like what you’ve seen and would like to comment, or even just say Hi, this is the place to do it.

Bonsai friendship around the world 🙂

Just leave a comment below.

65 comments on “Guest Book

  1. What a great addition to your already fascinating Bonsai Blog pages Ian.
    Well i will set the ball rolling and introduce myself for those who dont already know me. My name is Martin and i am as new as new can be to the World of Bonsai.
    I joined a bonsai forum “Wee trees” to gain knowledge and help from like minded folk and that is how i have come to know of “Bonsai Eejit” Ian.
    From there i have followed Ians blogs with a keen interest, i find his posts to be informative, helpful, interesting and humorous and i very much enjoy seeing his ever improving photography skills combined with his wonderful ability around all things Bonsai.
    I look forward to my daily fix you provide us all with Ian….so please keep the pages flowing and the photos coming, wishing you all the success in the world for your ventures, kindest regards Martin 🙂


  2. Hi Ian,

    Great pictures on your blog – really useful to see all the fine detail on the trees that you mention. Enjoyed working on the trees in your garage last nite, was even better to see all of the different species that the guys had to work on. Picked up quite a few bits and pieces of knowledge – cheers for having us all round and being very generous with your time. Got home at 1:20am – the latest night I’ve had in a while but worth it! Ben B


    • Hi Ben,
      Glad you had a good night, they’re all usually as late as that! I don’t mind being generous with my time as I’m learning too 🙂 Well done for having the guts to chop back the Amur Maple, a good sign for your bonsai future.


  3. great blog Ian , always interesting and varied , good photos also make a big difference,
    I know you do bonsai for your own pleasure but the bonsai scene in Ulster is all the richer for your varied contributions , keep it up, I know you work really hard on behalf of the club !!



      • Really enjoyed the case studies no idiots on this web site have a reasonable collection myself been keeping bonsai nine years do you ever go to the carboot at Birmingham I have bought some good yamadori there


      • Hi Kevin and thanks for your kind words. The carboot is beyond my travel allowance 🙂 The ferry alone would cost me about £150! I did consider taking a van load of trees over to sell at some point though. Can’t keep all these collected trees for ever lol


      • It is a shame u can’t get a cheap ferry at that price I fully understand will send u photo of trees I have bought if possible but keep up the blog

        Sent from my iPad by Kevin Wynne


  4. Hey Ian,
    Im Jeremy Pember from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA here. Im only been doing bonsai for a lil over 2 years now and have fallen inlove with it. I came across your blog and am now addicted to it. I hope to have as much skill that you and your friends posses some day. I know i will someday since im only 25 and have a long time to learn. Also im thinking of starting my own bonsai blog even though it will be less of yours.
    Thanks for being an awesome example for me.


    • Hi Jeremy, Thanks for following my blog. I started when I was 23 🙂 A blog is a great way to keep a record of what you do in your bonsai tasks. Even better when people actually follow along and read it. Go for the blog. and let me know when you get it up and running and I’ll check in 🙂


  5. checked in on your blog ………ur still amazing me…………guess with your weather I will expect moucho blogging……….it will be 80 here in Orlando today….but it’s going all the way down to 60 tonight………..brrrrr…….stay warm, rick


    • Hi Rick,

      Good to hear from you. It’ll be hard to keep the blog as busy over the Winter with everything tucked away in the poly tunnel. Your attempt to call 60 cold is a poor jest. If I could hit you with a snowball from here, I would 😀 Did you style that big Holly yet? Post it over here if you want a hand 😉


    • Hi Tony,

      Yes, I was inspired to use this theme lol. I had looked at it back in October but thought that the space background was a permanent feature. You disproved this 😀 Love your new site by the way.



  6. Hi just come across your site and found it very interesting. Did not have time to look at it all and will come back. Did look at the Secret Garden Video, its delightful.


  7. Writing from Toronto, i haven’t been home in over 20 yrs. If i ever get the chance to smell home again, i hope to look you up.
    Thanks for all your efforts.


  8. I’ve been enjoying your blog for several weeks now and I thought it was past time to say thanks. So thanks for the great pics and comments. Paul from Madison, Wisconsin, USA.


  9. watched the trip to willowbog with ryan doing the demo on bending nice to see bonsai with out all the bullshit and pollitics good to see you lads haveing a bit of crack i am from stoke on trent but me old fellow was from tryone really enjoyed it jake


  10. Hi Ian,

    I am not sure how I stumbled across your blog but I clicked since my father is into bonsai. He is a respected bonsai artist in Southern California and I grew up with bonsai all my life. Although I do not do bonsai myself, I appreciate the work and dedication required for this fine art.


  11. Hey Ian

    Thought I would introduce myself as the newest member of the Northern Ireland Bonsai scene (and by newest I MEAN newest). I’m James and I’ve only just started out in the world of bonsai. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the internet and talking to a few people and as soon as I mention Northern Ireland, your name pops up so here I am.

    Looking through your site and collection I can see why they all sent me this way. You definitely know your stuff.

    I’ve started with a few trees but after speaking to a few people I think I’m getting ahead of myself and making a lot of mistakes. So I’ll bide my time until spring before doing anymore work on them. I’ll use the time to do a bit of reading and learning a bit more about bonsai.

    I started a blog myself to keep a track of my trees progress (and my own). It’s at, not a lot to see there at the minute but over time I hope to build it up.

    Keep up the good work with the site


  12. Just had to pop in to show some love from Western Australia 🙂

    Love what you’re doing with the site/blog mate, keep up the amazing work.


  13. Hello, Ian!
    Your blog has been a great inspiration and motivation to me. So many wonderful little trees! So many gorgeous pots and accent plants, sigh. Cheers, from Austria. Thanks for the follow back!


  14. Hello pal. After a break of four years and not knowing if I would make it past 2015 I have decided to once more enjoy the Bonsai life. I sold all my trees, tools pots the lot. I’m currently creating a Japanese garden area where we now live in Lincolnshire UK. It was my good lady that suggested I might like a couple of Bonsai to potter with 🙂 Great to see you are still going. A wonderful site. Mike Jones


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