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Bonsai Empire’s Noelanders Video

Another great watch from Bonsai Empire.


I’ve got out of the habit of sharing videos here over the last year so I thought I’d add a few now that caught my eye. We used to be starved of good video content but recent years have seen the likes of Bonsai Empire and Bjorn Bjorholm really push up the quality of what’s out there. Here’s a few recent ones in case you missed them. Make sure to subscribe to the channels.


Graham Potter Demo Video

I watched this video this morning, a lazy start to the day.  🙂 It was uploaded onto Youtube by Ian Wright, cheers Ian, and shows a Graham Potter demo at a recent club event in England.

We are used to seeing Graham’s own excellent 10 minute videos but this is a little different and nice to see or hear another side. It’s roughly an hour long although you can skip over from 45 to 53 minutes if you don’t want to watch Graham placing branches. I really enjoyed listening to Graham’s view on preparing yamadori before work and his ethos around this. He makes great sense. The man can talk, but I can relate to that  😛

El Tim Demo Video

Another great video from Bonsai Empire.

Fantastic Time Lapse Video – Sabina Juniper

Styling a big Sabina Juniper at Bonsai Sense in Mallorca, Spain. For more information about the school of bonsai at Bonsai Sense, visit


Video – Daizo Iwasaki Bonsai Garden

Trying to get back into the swing of sharing any interesting videos I find on-line. It’s easy to miss them! Some great trees in this one from Andy Jordan.


Mirai with Bonsai Empire

Break the Rules

Well worth a watch this one. Great to hear someone explaining why sometimes a tree can be better by breaking the rules, especially working with yamadori.


Ryan Neil Demo at Bonsai San 2015

Thank You Bonsai Empire