Worth a Read…

Jelle Ferwerda has posted this interesting read on his site regarding Zylella Fastidiosa, a nasty bacteria doing the rounds of parts of Europe at the moment.

Click here to read his article.

Bonsai Eejit is 4!

Today marks four years of blogging as Bonsai eejit.  Hard to believe to be honest.

That’s 2327 posts and over 1,320,000 visits. I’ve been a bit quiet lately, mostly due to real work getting in the way, but as the season warms up I’ll have more to post.

Thanks to everyone for showing an interest in what I share here. Looking forward to meeting more bonsai friends before the 5th Anniversary.

Saruyama Bonsai Update

In case you missed it, Mr Warren has updated his website, click image below to visit.

ScreenHunter_62 Aug. 01 17.34

Willowbog Bonsai Online Revamp

Have you checked out Willowbog Bonsai’s new Website and Blog? Great fresh new look. Time to change your bookmarks?

Click Image for new Website

ScreenHunter_50 Jun. 04 18.27






Click image for new blog.

ScreenHunter_51 Jun. 04 18.28

Ulster – Munster – Leinster

Not a pretty sight but here’s myself, Piotr and Owen, the three chairmen of the three clubs together at the NI Bonsai Society School over the weekend. Maybe early days to call Owen a Chairman to be honest but he’s the one who took the plunge and has the first meeting set up for 27th June in Balbriggan.


We had three with us from the new Leinster Bonsai Club, Owen, Elisabeth and John. They got a little taste of the benefits of being a sister club to the NIBS.



I know I harp on about it at times but friendship is a big part of bonsai for me and it’s great to get this new club link rolling.

Spanish Blog

It’s been a while since I shared another blog with you and I found this one yesterday.

Chian Bonsai

A great active blog showing some nice tree progressions. Even better, he follows me 🙂

Pay him a visit and give him a few hits.

MBC New Website

The Munster Bonsai Club have just launched their new Website/Blog.

Give them a little boost and give them a follow.

Click on the image to visit.


Also check out their social media links.



Ulster Vs Munster

What a Post Title, wish I’d thought of it but sadly Ray got there first. Here’s a link to his blog post about his experience at the recent workshop in Cork. Thankfully no one was throwing balls about the room 🙂


Bonsai Podcasts…….

…. and a great article series.

I just wanted to direct everyone to this site, the only one that I’m aware of that offers bonsai podcasts in English. I know that Gary is keen to attract other guests to speak on the podcast. Owen Reich, Adam Lavigne and Jack Douthitt are the first to give it a go. If you are interested, why not give Gary a shout.

Also on the site is a great series of beginner articles written by Eugene Howell who has 40 years experience in bonsai and is active in the bonsai community in Florida.

Just click on the image below to visit

ScreenHunter_02 Jan. 05 16.01