Omiya Bonsai Videos

A great  video on YouTube looking at the Omiya Bonsai Village, it’s history and it’s famous gardens.

Might as well add a few others found in the same search.

Garage Get Together

Friday night was one of my gather up’s of friends to play with trees. We had six on the night, a few no shows due to the sunny day it turned out to be. Who could blame them. The rest of us got on with it.

Stepehn brought this Jasmine. Still pretty much raw material that had struggled last year after a repot. This year was he first it had flowered after collection from a garden.

You can notice in the photo of it’s trunk below that there was some white fungus starting on the bark. This was a dead patch which was removed to create a shari. More on this in a later post, or maybe even on Stephen’s own blog, but I doubt it 😉

Stephen caught in one of those curious moments lol

Brian, new to bonsai, came along. He had a bad experience with a Chinese Elm and I was keen to get him playing with more suitable trees. I gave him this little yew to get him started.

Sharon was there along with a lovely little Black Pine that required some needle removal.

Phil got this Elm group out for a trim.

A great night, especially the last session were the die-hards did a bit of tree critiquing. Finish time 1am and I didn’t even have a single beer!