Hostas and flowers

Stephen’s collection of hostas were just beautiful today and I managed to get a few pics of them and other flowers in his garden. Here’s a selection. Anyone know the name of the blue one? It’s a native bog plant.

Identify Yourself!!

I would love to know exactly what this little fella is! I first saw them about 8 years ago when they started turning up on some of my own bonsai. They don’t seem fussy about what they eat. I have found them on Pines, Larch, Yew, Juniper, Elms and Hawthorn. They wrap themselves up in old needles and anything else to hand and eat the cambium in a ring around the finer branches. This obviously results in dead branches.

I haven’t had them for two years now as I’m pretty regular with my spraying with Provado. However, today at Stephen house, we found them on his Yew and a Larch. The Yew had obviously been a victim of them for years and it must have had them when Stephen bought it last year.

If anyone knows what they are, I’d love to know.

Hidden in his wrapping

pulled from his home

5P for scale

Yew Work, I’ll just Watch

Worked on a Yew with Stephen today at his place. It recently had some basic carving started by Peter Snart of Willowbog. The foliage pads were full looking but the structure was a real mess. It had also been attacked by a little grub that had been working it’s way through the finer branches. We gave it a clearing out and wired some, not all of the pads to create better structure.

This was it back last year.

This was it today after some adjustments.

I’m going to play about with it on Photoshop and try and show how the tree will look  when it fills out. It has a lot of filling to do!!!

Escallonia Update

I cut 2 Escallonia back at the start of March with a view to collecting them next Spring.

This is them back in March.

After 2 months this is the growth they have put out. I was hoping to see budding right to the top of each trunk and I wasn’t disappointed.