Alien Invasion!!

Ok, It was only a moth but what a beauty. It’s a Poplar Hawk-moth Laothoe populi [Googled]

I spotted it on my boiler house roof this afternoon. With a delicate poke I managed to get it to pop out it’s aerials 🙂 After a while it started to shake and then flew over onto my fence.

A loner

I had a strange request this week. A friend of the family asked if they could borrow a bonsai for a jewellery display stand at a local event. They wanted one about 20 cm tall. I decided to lone them a typical Chinese Elm. It’s what most people [general public] think a bonsai looks like and as it was an £8 purchase from B&Q 2 years ago. Wish I had a before photo.

I spotted it in the store in a bad state. It was reduced to £8 and was mostly yellow leaves. I liked the squat heavy trunk. You can see were I removed the usual lower poker straight branches.

The top of the tree was poker straight as well so I chopped it off and brought up a branch as a new leader that matched the twisting flow of the trunk.

It’s not everyone’s idea of a good bonsai. I bought it to sell on but have grown attached, dangerous habit in bonsai! More filling out required, so I’ll keep it a while longer 🙂

Signs of life

The Cotoneaster that was collected a few weeks back is showing signs of life.

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Small red buds can be seen in many places so fingers crossed.

Alas, the big Ceanothus that I lifted has now been checked and I can pronounce life extinct 😦 It was a long shot and had suffered during the cold snap this Winter. It did try to bud but these soon died. Ah well, nothing ventured, nothing gained!