Hosta Parade

I think I have another addiction 🙈

rock is

Kusamono – Juncus, Papyrus, Hosta,Sisrinchium





Another Kusamono made up for a new pot, this one by Stone Monkey. I love this pot with the green glaze in the rim. I wanted to plant something that would allow this to be seen but still match the planting.



I opted to go for a cool feel to the planting using light greens in the foliage to link in with the pot colours. I added a Sisrinchium to add just a splash of darker colour but still a cool feel with the purple flower. The other plants are, at the higher level, Juncus effusus, then a middle level with a mini Papyrus and sisyrinchium E.K. Balls, and a hosta Iced Lemon at the bottom level.The hosta will grown to break the line of green around the pot but the majority should still be visible.





Hosta ID?

Anybody identify this hosta ?



Hosta Progression





And They’re Out..

Hosta flowers finally made an appearance. Thought I would share before they are washed away by the rain!

More Hostas

I have a few more hostas that I’m growing on this year with a view to splitting them in the Spring. These were given to me by my friend Stephen.

Iced Lemon

Hostas Nearly There

A few of my hostas are teasing me with flower heads!

Cracker Crumbs

Hosta Relocate

As my collection of Hostas keeps growing, I decided to relocate them to a shadier spot in the garden as I felt that there old spot with the rest of the accents was to sunny. Here’s the corner they now occupy between two of the poly tunnels. Note the grit try they are sitting in.

Stephen’s Hostas

Stephen took a drive up to Bali Hai Nursery today and brought back a box full of Hostas. Robert and I took a run down to his place for a look around the trees and see what Hostas he had come home with.

As usual Stephen had a cup of coffee in his hand 🙂

We had a good chat, looked around the trees and inspected his growing collection of hostas too.

Stephens new Hostas with labels to show variety names.

Stephen gave Robert this little carnivorous bog plant accent.

Some of Stephen’s existing hostas.

Some of Stephen’s bonsai

One of the best parts of having a blog is the great folk who you make contact with. A week or so ago I got chatting with Xavier from France who has his own blog [now upgraded to bonsai friends list to the right →] He liked the coltsfoot I had featured and we got to talking, anyway, one thing led to another and I received a parcel yesterday from Xavier containing a selection of Hostas and Rhodohypoxis 🙂 Another parcel is winging it’s way to France with some Coltsfoot and other oddities. This is what Bonsai is all about, or in this case, kusamono 🙂

To visit Xaviers Website click on the image link below. Google translate works very well from French to English.