Feeding Time

Today I fed my trees. Time for the neighbours to close their windows and bring the washing in 🙂

This is what I use.

I use Green Dream for my better trees as it is nearly invisible on the pots. Results of this have been pleasing this year so far. This is the first year I used it.

The rest of the raw and semi styled material gets the Chicken Pellets. A bit smelly but cheap and effective. I’ve been using them for years now and when you have a lot of trees sitting about, this helps keep the price of feeding down.

I also use the Seaweed Extract as an in between feed, watering it onto the trees. I sometimes forget to do it but I’m making a conscious effort this year to get it right.

I used a lot of Bio Gold on my better trees last year. This is the best stuff on the market but it way over priced in my opinion. Here’s hoping Green Dream is a dream.