Trident Defoliation

This Trident Maple was the first Maple to come into leaf in my collection this year. It has been in my cold green house and opened at the start of March. It was repotted this year and is growing vigorously. The leaf has hardened off and extension growth is appearing all over the tree.

Some may think I’m early in defoliating it but I’m happy to bring it forward with such a strong tree. I’ve had this tree for 12 years and it never ceases to amaze me with its vigour. I had Stan, a new club member with me today for 5 hours working on trees and he gave me a hand plucking leaves.

Bonsai Focus

I just love it when the latest edition of Bonsai Focus hits the door mat 🙂

The latest copy arrived this morning but It’ll have to wait until tomorrow for a proper look see.