Movie Maker

I spent a few hours today putting together a video to show case our club display at the weekend. Nothing too fancy, just something put together with Movie Maker. I’m getting to grips with the camera and it’s video functions. I even managed to find time at the show to take a few clips of individual bonsai.

I’m amazed by the success of our Club You Tube Channel that started back in November and has nearly 13,000 views to date!! I know I trawl around looking for good quality or informative bonsai videos on the net, it appears I’m not alone 🙂 With a little extra effort we have been able to put together clips of tree progressions, shows and the popular Bonsai School. These seem to be what people want. They are not up to the standard of the Graham Potter, Bonsai Basho, Atelierbonsai  or  Bjorvalabonsai, but add to the total of the online bonsai community.

If you want to have a look at the latest video, it’s just went live on the channel. Click below to view.

NIBS Spring Display 2011