We’ve had strong winds here today and a few local trees have fallen. Full leaf and high winds don’t mix I guess.

I just took a look around my trees to check every thing was still on the benches. I had put an air layer on  a tall crab apple at the start of the month and, you guessed it, the wind snapped it right off at the point of the air layer!!

Getting on a bit in the year to try another lower down. I’ll maybe plant it out in the flower bed and have another go next year.

Cherry Experiment

I wired this Fuji Cherry over the Winter and now it needed it removed due to rapid growth. This posed a problem due to all the dense leaves. I remembered that a few years ago it was attacked by caterpillars in early Spring and it responded by producing new leaves. I decided that I would have a little experiment and defoliate the tree. I could them trim back the extension growth to the first couple of nodes and remove the wire with ease. It had only managed to hold onto one cherry. I left this on for enjoyment.

Here it is before. I had already trimmed back the strongest growth as this stage.

and after defoliation.

I looked as best I could to see if cherry bonsai were ever defoliated but couldn’t find anything online. I’ll be interested to see what happens and what Autumn colour I have this year, if any!!!


One of my trees comes down with a bad case of mildew every year. Don’t ask me what the tree is, I haven’t a clue. Grew a few from cuttings about 12 years ago. The other one rarely gets mildew, this one never fails.

Today I opted to defoliate it and spray.