Yew Work, I’ll just Watch

Worked on a Yew with Stephen today at his place. It recently had some basic carving started by Peter Snart of Willowbog. The foliage pads were full looking but the structure was a real mess. It had also been attacked by a little grub that had been working it’s way through the finer branches. We gave it a clearing out and wired some, not all of the pads to create better structure.

This was it back last year.

This was it today after some adjustments.

I’m going to play about with it on Photoshop and try and show how the tree will look  when it fills out. It has a lot of filling to do!!!

4 comments on “Yew Work, I’ll just Watch

  1. Carving looks great could any of my trees be carved like that notice took my time when typing and everything Is grammatically correct


    • Capital ‘A’ in Jamie!? and no punctuation. Ben, You’re a school teacher, sort this young chap out. 🙂

      Needs to be a pretty hefty trunk to be able to carve like that. There’s a big Larch of Peter’s sitting at mine that would do the job 😉


  2. I like the sound of that. You know my larch from stephen could it ever look like a mini version of your big one ps capital A is my signature thing duh! 😉


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