Satsuki Guessing Game

Last year I bought this Satsuki Azalea on the cheap. I hadn’t got one and was wanting to add a splash of colour to the bench. It had been pruned hard and most of what you see here is new growth grown after I got it. It had only been fed with ‘teabags’ for the last 8 years and hadn’t been repotted in that time.

I fed it heavily from last Summer and repotted it this Spring. The one thing I didn’t know and have been guessing at is, what colour and size the flowers are. Here are the first signs of flowering. They look big, too be expected, and there appears to be a few different colours. The tree has a very long way to go before it looks presentable, but isn’t that part of the fun.

Small Copper

I spotted this ‘Small Copper’ Butterfly in my Poly Tunnel this afternoon. I snaps a few pics, it didn’t seem to mind. I also checked online to see what the caterpillars eat, thankfully nothing in my Tunnel 🙂

Potent Flowers

Working on my trees yesterday, even on a windy afternoon, I kept getting wiffs of a potent smell. At first I thought it was the chicken pellets but the smell was truly heady and overpowering. Looking up I spotted that the Rowan tree I grew from seed was in full flower and was the source of the smell.