Club Meeting

Just back from a hectic night of talking, cutting, pruning, and more talking, at the monthly NIBS meeting. Three new members on the night which was great to see.

Mail Order

I ordered a few bits and pieces from Kaizen on Tuesday and they arrived today.

Mike Jones, Bonsai Passion recommended the bark cleaner.

I also fancied one of these spray pumps that you attach a coke bottle too. This will be handy around the garden.

I spotted this sharp knife for working deadwood and removing bark.

My mate Stephen needed a 1/4 inch collet for a Makita so i added this to the order along with 2 cutting bits. The Wood Weasel and a Mole. I also ordered a few spare cutting cups for my samurai and little Terrier.

Wood Weasel


You Tube Video Clip

Here’s a link to another nice clip from Erik aka Atelier Bonsai Element showing the bonsai garden of Miroslav Škrabal this Spring. A stunning set up it what looks like a stunning location.

 Bonsai Garden of Miroslav Škrabal