Identify Yourself!!

I would love to know exactly what this little fella is! I first saw them about 8 years ago when they started turning up on some of my own bonsai. They don’t seem fussy about what they eat. I have found them on Pines, Larch, Yew, Juniper, Elms and Hawthorn. They wrap themselves up in old needles and anything else to hand and eat the cambium in a ring around the finer branches. This obviously results in dead branches.

I haven’t had them for two years now as I’m pretty regular with my spraying with Provado. However, today at Stephen house, we found them on his Yew and a Larch. The Yew had obviously been a victim of them for years and it must have had them when Stephen bought it last year.

If anyone knows what they are, I’d love to know.

Hidden in his wrapping

pulled from his home

5P for scale

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