Stolen Bonsai West Yorkshire

Some thieving ‘toe rag’ has been at their work stealing bonsai in West Yorkshire. As many of those following this blog are from the UK, I thought I would add a post about it.

The stolen bonsai can be seen on an IBC thread. Just click the stolen tree below to see the rest of them.

Whoever stole them obvious had an eye for good material as opposed to finished bonsai, so they knew what they were looking for.

Satsuki Flowers

Satsuki Guessing Game

By way of update for the above post, here is the Satsuki in flower now. It looks like the apex is dark pink with the rest of the tree light pink.

Haven’t a clue what variety it is, perhaps ‘Wishinu’ 🙂

Busy Bee

I was in the greenhouse for about 20 minutes checking over things and I noticed that a small bee kept coming in every few minutes and servicing my Root over rock Cotoneaster that is flowering. I can’t swear it was the same one, but it sure looked like he was determined to keep this tree to himself. Straight out the door every time, no banging his head into the glass looking for a way out 🙂

Amazed I got a shot of him, wouldn’t sit still!! I focused in on his favourite flower and waited for him to return 🙂

The next Generation

I always like to take cutting of the harder to find varieties and this year is no exception. This is the bench in the greenhouse. I have Cork Bark Elm, Chinese Elm Micro, Fuji Cherry, Zelkova, Trident Maple, Japanese Maple, Satsuki Azalea, Korean Lilac and a rare type of Flowering Current that I hope to show you soon.

A full tray of cuttings taken from the little broom Cork Bark Elm back in April.

This is exactly how that Cork Bark Forest planting started off back in 2001.