Fuji Cherry

My Fuji Cherry is on the verge of flowering.

Tokyo Sakura

Came across Takahiro Yamamoto’s FlickR photos and thought I would share a link with you. Well worth a few minutes to browse though some stunning images from Japan. My favourites are these from Tokyo showing the cherry blossom. Click on the link below to view.

Tokyo Sakura

And these Leaves are rather nice too.


Cherry Experiment

I wired this Fuji Cherry over the Winter and now it needed it removed due to rapid growth. This posed a problem due to all the dense leaves. I remembered that a few years ago it was attacked by caterpillars in early Spring and it responded by producing new leaves. I decided that I would have a little experiment and defoliate the tree. I could them trim back the extension growth to the first couple of nodes and remove the wire with ease. It had only managed to hold onto one cherry. I left this on for enjoyment.

Here it is before. I had already trimmed back the strongest growth as this stage.

and after defoliation.

I looked as best I could to see if cherry bonsai were ever defoliated but couldn’t find anything online. I’ll be interested to see what happens and what Autumn colour I have this year, if any!!!