We’ve had strong winds here today and a few local trees have fallen. Full leaf and high winds don’t mix I guess.

I just took a look around my trees to check every thing was still on the benches. I had put an air layer on  a tall crab apple at the start of the month and, you guessed it, the wind snapped it right off at the point of the air layer!!

Getting on a bit in the year to try another lower down. I’ll maybe plant it out in the flower bed and have another go next year.

4 comments on “Snap!!

  1. Nightmare I was sitting exams and I heard how bad the wind was and just thought I hope the trees are ok. You know the tarpaulin you gave me to get the lonicera home I could give it a clean and bring it this weekend if you want btw you know the elm you gave me a while back from the group you were making it growing like mad could I bring it too school and can I feed it


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