Alfred Hitchcocks The Birds!!

Driving down a country road this week, I spotted a field full of crows. I don’t think I have ever seen so many in one place. Proper Black Crows in Ireland used to be quite a rare sight. You only ever saw small colonies up until about 15 years ago. Now…

A few trees on the same road.

A typical tree choked in ivy. The extra bulk from the ivy can cause trees like this to blow down in high winds due to the extra surface area. Most farmers will remove it from time to time. Note the sheep sheltering underneath.

Batten Down the Hatches

On Wednesday I took an hour and placed the remaining trees that require protection in the poly tunnels. Temperatures are to drop again at the weekend and the wind is getting to dangerous levels! I didn’t want to leave the tunnel door open any longer in case it took off!!!

Here’s the new tunnel. a little space left but I still want to have access to the trees at the back.

Door closed

The other tunnel.

A little space left here too but I have young Jamie from the club’s trees coming for a few months for protection.

I still have a few trees outside tucked under the bigger benches. Nothing that I’m worried about so, do your worst Winter 🙂


All the trees in my garden look like this today!!

The UK is getting the tail end of America’s Hurricane and there are some very strong gusts. Things are meant to get worse overnight. After a quick check everything is still where I left it. Fingers crossed there will be no broken pots or branches to clear up in the morning.


We’ve had strong winds here today and a few local trees have fallen. Full leaf and high winds don’t mix I guess.

I just took a look around my trees to check every thing was still on the benches. I had put an air layer on  a tall crab apple at the start of the month and, you guessed it, the wind snapped it right off at the point of the air layer!!

Getting on a bit in the year to try another lower down. I’ll maybe plant it out in the flower bed and have another go next year.