New Lens

One of my purchases in America was a new lens for my camera, Sigma 70-300mm. I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it but took it out into the garden yesterday for 10 minutes to see what the macro function was like on it. I took a few random shots of foliage and anything else that would sit long enough. Here’s the results.

Hawthorn Shield Bug

Spotted this fella today.

and I found this Angle Shades Moth on my Korean Hornbeam last week. I was wondering what had been nibbling little holes in the leaves! Don’t think it was this though.

Valerian BBC NI Wild Week

Nothing to do with bonsai but, I have been watching the Wild Week Series on BBC NI this week and have added a few photos on their FlickR group which they use to create a ‘red button’ slide show. I had a few selected for the slide show last night and tonight, to my delight, they used one of my photos on the actual programme 🙂

This is the one they used. It’s of a Valerian growing out of a wall at my Father-in-laws house.

They used these ones on the red button.

Alien Invasion!!

Ok, It was only a moth but what a beauty. It’s a Poplar Hawk-moth Laothoe populi [Googled]

I spotted it on my boiler house roof this afternoon. With a delicate poke I managed to get it to pop out it’s aerials 🙂 After a while it started to shake and then flew over onto my fence.

Busy Bee

I was in the greenhouse for about 20 minutes checking over things and I noticed that a small bee kept coming in every few minutes and servicing my Root over rock Cotoneaster that is flowering. I can’t swear it was the same one, but it sure looked like he was determined to keep this tree to himself. Straight out the door every time, no banging his head into the glass looking for a way out 🙂

Amazed I got a shot of him, wouldn’t sit still!! I focused in on his favourite flower and waited for him to return 🙂