Stolen Bonsai Toronto

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Stolen American Larch Bonsai

This old American larch (tamarack) bonsai, along with two others, was stolen from a private collection in Toronto on June 23rd, 2014.

If you have seen this distinct bonsai, please contact the owner Elisabeth Leslie ewleslie[at]


Stolen American larch bonsai.

Stolen Bonsai Czech Republic- Nýřany

These two bonsai stolen from Václav Stropek,  Nýřany, Czech Republic! If you know anything or see these trees please contact Václav HERE via Facebook. Remember that they could turn up anywhere in Europe.

Please reblog this post and share via Facebook. It may not get the trees back but at the very least it will piss off the thief!

stolen 1

stolen 2

Stolen Tree UK (Bournemouth)

Another one! Spread the word. This one is a Cypress in a Mo Turner pot.

This from the owner:

Removed from an address in BH postcode   (Bournemouth area)  between 11:00 on the 24th and 18:00 on the 27th December 2013.  The access point was 6 feet above street level through an

8 foot deciduous hedge over an irregular framework of battens shot through with brads, minimal disturbance, we can almost admire their agility. Any information in strictest confidence to Ned:

   We will not trace your IP address, will consider amnesty for return through third party (in good condition). 



Stolen Trees UK


Stolen Tree



Click image for owners blog post. I seem to be sharing these more and more!!

Stolen Bonsai – Wales

Helping to spread the word, just read on this thread on the European Bonsai Forum that Alex E in Wales has had some trees stolen.

Please keep an eye out for these in the UK and I hope whoever has them sees this post and realises that 200 – 300 bonsai people from the UK read this blog every day. We are watching! Hope you get caught ❗

If I hear any more I’ll update, or if you know any more, give me a shout and I’ll add it.

Update: Trees actually stolen from a show! Here is a few words from Alex taken from this Thread on IBC.Please also keep an eye out for the others mentioned.

“all the trees were stolen from a Marquee at the Bridgend County Show 13TH/14TH July
picture quality of the White pine is not good but its the only one I have & it belongs to Ron, a member
the Cardiff club although it is featured in the Bonsai Wales 2012 book, other trees stolen were ………
Southern Beech, Triple trunk Maple,
Semi cascade Larch in a crescent Mo pot,
Literati Larch very distinctive 8″ jin top in a China Mist round pot
Mame Cottoneaster with a chinese pot,the culprits even had the audacity to take the stands they were

Any information please contact me on 07969629466″

Alex e

Here are the trees:

ScreenHunter_46 Jul. 15 12.10

ScreenHunter_47 Jul. 15 12.10

ScreenHunter_48 Jul. 15 12.11

Stop Thief Again!!

And this time they took advantage of Walter being in hospital. Oh to lay hands on these people!! This is the tree stolen from Walter Pall and a link to his post about it.


People from all over Europe read this blog, it’s got to be out there somewhere.

Get well soon Walter.

Crime Spree!

This is getting rather depressing!

Two more Bonsai stolen from Bonsaipark Remscheid, Germany, night of August 29/30 or one night earlier.

A Japanese Maple and a Japanese White Pine. Just posted today on Walter Pall’s Blog. 

I hope they got a double hernia from lifting that Maple!!

Happy Ending

After posting about stolen trees yesterday, I read this today on Facebook today. John Romano in the States had a stunning little Juniper stolen and now returned. It has a great story to it and the words are very touching indeed. I’m not sure I could have been so forgiving but, in the end of the day, tree and caring owner are reunited. Here’s the photos and text from Facebook, well worth sharing as a positive story.

To all my bnsai friends -my most beloved and valuable shohin bonsai was stolen today from the nursery where I was teaching my Kaikou Bonsai School students. Mr. Urushibata helped me buy it back in 2007 when I was at Taisho en and Mario Komsta kindly wired it out for me (and then again tweaked it at my home when he visited a few years later). It was grown by a older bonsai grower from a cutting 30+ years ago and owned by him all that time until he graciously sold it to me. I am heartbroken – it has been my friend and I have nurtured it for the short time I have had it. If anyone sees it and can directly help me retrieve it, I will compensate them $500. You can contact me or New England Bonsai Gardens.


It’s been a stressful 24 hours but I want all my friends in bonsai to know that my tree was recovered this afternoon!! It is a long story (one friend said I should have made a Youtube Law and Order video!) that I won’t share all the details of here. The suspect actually brazenly returned to the scene of the crime today!?! and I confronted him and spoke from my heart about how hurt and upset I was, etc. He denied it profusely but eventually was influenced by my honest heartfelt love of this tree and sadness at its loss. I think he acted on an impulsive desire to own something beautiful that he didn’t already have. He gave it back to me and I did not press charges – I just wanted it returned. It made me reflect on the Buddhist idea of impermanence of all things and non attachment. It can be hard especially when you feel violated and something is taken from you in that way. Anyway, the story has many other details that I can share when I see some of you. I sincerely thank you all for your support, prayers, thoughts and offers of additional reward! I sincerely mean this when I say ‘Peace in Bonsai’ as it reflects what John Naka and Mr. Kato so often championed. We love bonsai as an expression of our love of nature, the earth and each other. Thanks again.

Stolen Bonsai Sad Days

I’m amazed just how many great bonsai have been stolen in the last few weeks in Europe! Even more saddened by the fact that the thief is probably known to the tree owners as previously knowledge of the gardens would have be needed.

To help with the hunt for these persons, I’ll do what little I can and post the images here to help stop resale, but to be honest, they’ll be sitting in the chaps back garden. What enjoyment can he gain from these trees is beyond me. Every glance at them is a reminder of the crime and the chance of being caught.

These 2 stolen from Walter Pall.

This one from Hans Kastner Germany

These two Japanese White Pine stolen from Francois Jeker in France.