My Spirea has decided to start flowering. In about a week we should have a colourful display.

More Hostas

I have a few more hostas that I’m growing on this year with a view to splitting them in the Spring. These were given to me by my friend Stephen.

Iced Lemon

It could have been worse!!

Here’s me bitching about all the rain and flooding and then I watched this after seeing a link on the Wee Trees Bonsai Forum. Mike from Miko Bonsai got hammered by golf ball size hailstones!!

Lucky Escape

We’ve had some heavy rain here for the last few days. Luckily for me, my town has escaped the worst of it. It was nice to be able to skip watering for a few days 🙂

Some parts of Belfast were not so lucky. BBC News Belfast Flooding Feel bad for those who have had their homes ruined.

But this made me smile, They had to bring in the Police Dive Team 😀

Pot ID?

Anybody identify the stamp on this pot for me?

Hostas Nearly There

A few of my hostas are teasing me with flower heads!

Cracker Crumbs

Nice 🙂

Michael Hagedorn

David DeGroot came up with the idea for this show at the Pacific Rim Collection, and Monday 25th, June was the setup day. As usual, anything involving Ryan and I involves some ridiculous story getting there. This time we had a meeting with Travel Portland regarding the Artisans Cup of Portland Bonsai Exhibition prior to driving to Seattle. However the meeting was downtown, and we were driving this huge rig chock full of trees for the show and simply could not find a big enough parking spot on the busy streets. So Ryan jumped out and went to give our presentation and I drove the rig around in circles for 45 minutes. Which is not exactly the green, environmentally conscious image us Portlanders like to present.

But I’m writing about our show, and if you’re up in the Seattle area from now till July 15th, 2012, please check it out!

Here’s the…

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Kalgoorlie Tree

My sister, who lives in Perth, Western Australia, posted this photo on Facebook recently. She was in Kalgoorlie and took this photo of a tree at Lake Ballard. A strange looking place. I guess she knew I’d like the photo 🙂

You can just see where the tree is to the right at the top of the island.

Some strange Sculptures on the salt flats.

Those Irish get everywhere 🙂

Bonsai Art of Japan Episode 26

It’s been a while, the guys had me worried, but episode 26 is here. Just about the best video you’ll get showing how to repot a bonsai.

The work that has went into filming this, and editing can not be underestimated. Thanks chaps 🙂


The Dye Is Cast

Well, England are out of Euro 2012. Those who know me, will know how I feel about that 😉

The semi Finals lie ahead. As the 4 teams remaining are easy to match up with Bonsai Blogs, I thought I would revisit the head to head blogs.

Click on the flags to see who will be fighting it out this time 🙂