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Michael Hagedorn

David DeGroot came up with the idea for this show at the Pacific Rim Collection, and Monday 25th, June was the setup day. As usual, anything involving Ryan and I involves some ridiculous story getting there. This time we had a meeting with Travel Portland regarding the Artisans Cup of Portland Bonsai Exhibition prior to driving to Seattle. However the meeting was downtown, and we were driving this huge rig chock full of trees for the show and simply could not find a big enough parking spot on the busy streets. So Ryan jumped out and went to give our presentation and I drove the rig around in circles for 45 minutes. Which is not exactly the green, environmentally conscious image us Portlanders like to present.

But I’m writing about our show, and if you’re up in the Seattle area from now till July 15th, 2012, please check it out!

Here’s the…

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