Travels Down Under

I’ll be on my travels again in November, this time heading to Perth in Australia. I’m staying with family and will be travelling south of Perth on a camping trip. I’d be keen to meet up with some bonsai enthusiasts while I’m there. I also want to visit some big/old trees on my travels. Anyone following this blog who lives or knows the area, can you help with a few pointers? Private collections, clubs, it doesn’t matter, I just want to see bonsai and trees Aussie style.

Ryan Neil in Oz Video

Aussie Bonsai

My sister who lives in Australia knows what a bonsai nut I am, in fact it was her that bought me my first tree back in 1993. She made the effort to visit a local bonsai exhibition over in Perth and took some photos for me. I thought I’d share them here as well. A real mix of trees and I really like the idea of working on bougainvillea. A few very nice accents in there too, she’s obviously figured out from my blog that I’m addicted in that area too 🙂 The display was put on by Bonsai Workshop Inc, and was supported by a local business, The Bonsai Emporium.

Thanks sis.


Kalgoorlie Tree

My sister, who lives in Perth, Western Australia, posted this photo on Facebook recently. She was in Kalgoorlie and took this photo of a tree at Lake Ballard. A strange looking place. I guess she knew I’d like the photo 🙂

You can just see where the tree is to the right at the top of the island.

Some strange Sculptures on the salt flats.

Those Irish get everywhere 🙂