Today’s Euro Bonsai Matches

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Chuhin Maple Update

After Winning an Award at the BSA Exhibition back in March, this Maple came home only to be eaten by some sort of insect. It was given free growth until now to see where it might bud from.

I have lost several branches including many at the apex. Yesterday I decided to remove the dead branches and start the process of rebuilding it back to it’s past level. I think I’m now over the disappointment. I’m posting it here which is a clear sign that I’m moving on. I’m even looking forward to the rebuilding process.

This was it before I did anything yesterday.

Here you can see dead branches in the apex and some of the very strong new growth.

Dead branches removed and the wounds before sealing.

The dead bits.

and the tree as it sits after the work.

A long winding road, having taken a wrong turn, I’m now heading back the right way again.