Busy Week on the Road

It’s been a busy week down in the South of Ireland doing some one to one sessions with friends from Cobh, Cork, to Limerick then Dublin. Some good times had and great trees played with. A little styling and refinement and, as you’d expect, some repotting.

Here’s some photos from the trip.

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snow on the way home as usual in Dublin. Thank you to all who supported the road trip. Back again images weeks for another round.


Today, out the window…

First Frost 2014

I always post when I get the first frost each season and today was the first of Winter 2014. Comparing that to the last 2 years blog posts it’s roughly 20 days later than the normal. What that means for this winter I have no idea!!


Batten Down the Hatches!!!

Something is bouncing around outside, but I’m not going out to check!!

Good luck to everybody in the UK and Ireland and may all yer trees be upright tomorrow.


Tidal Surge

The last few weeks have been grim here weather wise. Every other day seems to bring in a storm front with high winds. I lost my greenhouse door a few weeks back and have had other minor damage done around the garden, thankfully my trees are ok.

Today I was working near Newcastle in County Down, a coastal town. High winds and a Spring Tide combined to create a tidal surge. I took my camera along on the off change and got a few snaps. I wasn’t getting any closer as a few folk got a cold shower for their efforts while I was watching. A wee video too.

Trident Tumble

After two days of crappy weather, I ventured up to the back of the garden to see what state my trees were in. Heavy rain and high winds had been constant on Monday and Tuesday.

This is what I found. Two trees had been blown off a bench and one had smashed a pot. That’s the bad news, the good news is that they weren’t mine!!

Not really good news as I felt rather guilty as these trees and a few others are in my care for a few weeks while Brian is away on holiday.

A quick check of my pot stash and I found a suitable replacement for the Trident. I transferred it over but it will need a proper repot in the Spring. I actually prefer the new pot to the old one.

It could have been worse!!

Here’s me bitching about all the rain and flooding and then I watched this after seeing a link on the Wee Trees Bonsai Forum. Mike from Miko Bonsai got hammered by golf ball size hailstones!!

Storm Damage

On my walk this morning it was obvious that the high winds from a few weeks ago had taken their toll on this particular trail.

An old Hawthorn stump exhibiting some nice deadwood.

The trail ahead.

Whatever the Weather

The latest from my weather guru at Exacta. He was, by his own admittance, a bit out with his December prediction, but this isn’t exactly an easy thing to figure out!! James got last Winter spot on when a £33 million computer predicted a mild one!

Looks like a colder period is approaching, and here was me wanting to get out collecting!!!

I guess he got it wrong LOL

I guess Mr Madden got a White Christmas wrong but it’s hard to rule out his projections with his track record. He’s predicting a cold and windy January.