Come back Ben, we need you!


Posting this photo especially for Ben, who has left us to cope with the crowds on our own. Come back mate, we need you lol

Long Day

It’s been a long day at our club exhibition. Met some great people, caught up with some old friends and spent time with a great bunch of chaps, even those who give me abuse about blogging! 🙂

It was a wet day but by mid afternoon we had a pretty good crowd moving through the marquee. Some other other interesting events taking place too. This was my first time watching a Pig Race!

Some great looking Beagles

The pig race, Makin Bacon won!

The gardens

The gold star of the day goes to John who stood out in the rain under a tree passing out cards and getting folk to venture into the marquee to see the trees. A bit of a grim reaper 🙂

Brendan posing

and I have absolutely no idea what these two plonkers are doing!!