Blog Post of the Day

This one only gets a mention as it shows my hairy legs and my beautiful dogs 🙂

Futter with Trees

Back to School

For some folk, going to the Bonsai School at the weekend was literally like going back to school!!

Phil misbehaving at the back of the class, giving Jamie, the teachers pet, a hard time 😉

Naughty boy 🙂

Bonsai Unearthed Blog

I’m always looking for new, quality Bonsai blogs to follow. Bonsai Unearthed is a new blog just started by Owen Reich. When I say new, it started on 22nd May and I only found it today 🙂 Owen has been kind enough to leave constructive comments here on my blog and even let me use some of his wonderful photos from Japan.

This is a link to his fist post, and if this is anything to go by, we are in for a treat. and I don’t just say that because I got a mention 😉

Bonsai Unearthed

Make sure you check out his other newer posts as well. I have been rather presumptuous and have added him to my bonsai friends links on my side bar. Bonsai is not just about wee trees, it’s about friendship, for me at any rate.

Bog Plant Accent

Stephen gave me this little carnivorous Bog Plant as an accent back at the start of Spring. You have to keep it very wet, but it was worth it 🙂


Blog Post of the Day

Accents and more accents. Link to the Swindon & District  Bonsai Society Blog showing photos from the recent Magical Accents Show. Click on the link and then click on the slide show.

Magical Accents

The Juniper and Janet

This Juniper has featured on my blog a lot. Not one of my better trees but probably my favourite as it’s sentimental to me. Dug from my sister Janet’s garden back in 1995, the year she emigrated to Australia, it has been with me a long time and makes me think of her.

Well, my big sister was home from Australia this month and just before she went home last week, I just had to get a photo of her with the Juniper. So here you are, Janet AND the Juniper 🙂 .



All Action

Some Action shots capturing the goings on at the weekend. Some from the NIBS Bonsai School and some from the Willowbog Bonsai Workshop.

Great Weekend

After two days of the Club  Bonsai School and Workshop taking place at my home, I’m absolutely shattered. And if I’m knackered, how must Peter Snart be feeling as he’s an old man 🙂

In two days of fantastic weather we have achieved another great club event with some really good feedback from fellow members. No photos on the computer yet but will get some up as soon as I can. To brighten up the post, I’ll add a photo of my cascade Scots Pine.


Bonsai School


Bringing it to you live from the club bonsai school .

Blog Post of the day

Best so far today is a great selection of gallery photos from the Nichigo Bonsai Blog showing photos from the recent AABC 2012

AABC 2012 Exhibition Gallery