British Summer!?

New Link

I really should remember that many people visiting this blog are not English speakers! By titling a recent post as ‘Big Girl’s Blouse‘, I may well be confusing the issue. Some head scratching going on I’m sure.

What made me consider this is the recent influx of Japanese hits on the blog thanks to a recent connection with Chie , a trainee at Yamato Nursery in Japan and her blog.

Through this I now introduce you to Nekotoban’s Blog. She kindly contacted me after finding me on Chie’s blog. She has recently started her own blog in English. I hope to follow her travels around some of the nurseries in Japan and I think our love of mame and shohin is mutual. Click HERE to visit the new blog. I have also added her to my friends list in the side bar.

Big Girl’s Blouse

Call me that if you like but aren’t Pink flowers pretty 😉