First Snow of Winter

Today saw me waking up to a light dusting of snow. Nice to see a cold snap for a few days, the trees could do with it, just let it be short lived. I took a few quick snaps before the thaw.


Less that predicted but still enough to warrant getting a few snaps.






Most of the trees are tucked away in one place or other.



First Frost 2014

I always post when I get the first frost each season and today was the first of Winter 2014. Comparing that to the last 2 years blog posts it’s roughly 20 days later than the normal. What that means for this winter I have no idea!!


Windswept Bonsai

Not the style! The effects suffered after a night of Gale force winds here in Northern Ireland with gusts up to 70 mph.

This was the first ‘blow’ after a very settled Summer and early Autumn then over night we had 5 times the rain than we received in all of September!

On checking my trees this morning I saw a few toppled over among the raw material but they where all on the ground and didn’t have far to fall. I then looked around the corner into the sheltered part of the garden just to make sure all was ok and I was greeted by my beech hanging onto the bench by the pot feet!! It had still to drop leaf but was now half bare. Strangely all the leaves on the back of the tree were gone??



This I could believe but how the hell this little accent in a Stone Monkey pot managed to flip over, I am stumped!!  Tornado? 🙂


Batten Down the Hatches!!!

Something is bouncing around outside, but I’m not going out to check!!

Good luck to everybody in the UK and Ireland and may all yer trees be upright tomorrow.


Tidal Surge

The last few weeks have been grim here weather wise. Every other day seems to bring in a storm front with high winds. I lost my greenhouse door a few weeks back and have had other minor damage done around the garden, thankfully my trees are ok.

Today I was working near Newcastle in County Down, a coastal town. High winds and a Spring Tide combined to create a tidal surge. I took my camera along on the off change and got a few snaps. I wasn’t getting any closer as a few folk got a cold shower for their efforts while I was watching. A wee video too.

First Frost

Last night was the first frost of the season here where I live. I’m at sea level so it is usually a little milder that most but it is definitely a little later in the season this year.

Time to do a little clearing and tucking away of a few delicate species of tree.

Warrens Wise Weather Words

Reblogged from yer man Warrens ever more popular blog. Click on the image to read and ponder.

March Snow

Last night saw about two inches of snow fall at my house and then just as quickly disappear again. I took these towards the beginning .

My accents burried





The garage / Workshop, lights on and ready for repotting action 🙂 more on that tomorrow.






OK, Very Pretty, Now GO AWAY!!

You can’t fail to have noticed the white stuff everywhere this week. All very nice but I want to see the back of it before we travel over to Willowbog Bonsai on Friday.

I’ve been lucky here to be honest. At sea level we rarely get much and at no point has it been more than a few inches. Pop over the hill to Belfast and it’s a lot worse. Most countries that are used to snow seem to cope with it but the UK is hopeless, everything grinds to a halt.

I did snap a few shots just to record the dates here on the blog. Always interesting to record when we get the snow and what the weather has been like. I is meant to be a Bonsai Diary after all and the weather plays a big part in how our trees grow.

Empty benches

Even in the greenhouse!