Gadgets !

I’m a firm believer in supporting your local business. Having seen these turntables and bending bars, I thought it was well worth giving this site a plug here on the blog for those of us in the UK, and I suppose further afield too. Click on the gadgets 4 Bonsai image to visit the site.


Dig It!

I bought this folding spade the other day under the pretence that I’ll keep it in the car in case of Winter snow.

My real reason was to add it to my collecting kit bag 🙂

Not bad for £6 🙂


Carving Bits

This set of carving bits was recommended to me by one of the chaps on the Wee Trees Forum. I had been looking for something that fitted the Dremel that would allow for detailed carving work. This set had something very similar and you got 3 of them for the price that most Bonsai Suppliers were charging for one. I got them today and they look the part. Obviously you don’t need the black thing. Once I give them a go, I’ll let you know if it was worth the saving or not. Sometimes cheaper isn’t better, or so my wife says!

Here’s the link to the vendor on ebay. 4 piece multipurpose cutting kit.

One other small purchase

I did buy one other thing, it was only a pair of scissors 🙂

I usually don’t bother with stainless Steel tools but I fell for these. Stephen has been gathering up a set of these as well and after using his the other week, I decided it was time to treat myself. As Peter forced me into letting him buy the Chinese Takeaway on Saturday night, I invested the money saved into these. This is the one purchase I managed to slip under the wife’s radar this weekend. Pity it wasn’t the Pine  🙂

If you fancy a pair for yourself : Willowbog Bonsai Tools

Old Joe Yew

This is Old Joe, a Golden variety of Yew that I dug from my Uncles garden after he died 4 years ago. It was tall, poker straight and not much to look at but it is my memory of my Uncle, so I’m trying the make the best of it.

I did the basic carving on it last year. This was an attempt to add interest to a very straight and boring tree. After some consideration I removed a tall jin at the top of the tree a short time later. It was just too tall and leaned back too far from the apex foliage.

Today I wanted to try out the new carving bits and decided to do the basic carving required at the chopped jin and maybe do a little refinement work on last years work.

This was it last year.

Today with a little more growth.

This is the chopped jin to be worked on.

Tools at the ready…

The chop after basic carving and a coat of Lime Sulphur.

A little more detail added lower down.

Mail Order

I ordered a few bits and pieces from Kaizen on Tuesday and they arrived today.

Mike Jones, Bonsai Passion recommended the bark cleaner.

I also fancied one of these spray pumps that you attach a coke bottle too. This will be handy around the garden.

I spotted this sharp knife for working deadwood and removing bark.

My mate Stephen needed a 1/4 inch collet for a Makita so i added this to the order along with 2 cutting bits. The Wood Weasel and a Mole. I also ordered a few spare cutting cups for my samurai and little Terrier.

Wood Weasel



Amazingly I didn’t work on a single tree today. I watered everything and spent a little time cleaning and sharpening my tools. All those who know me have just had to take a seat 🙂

Here’s Part one of an interesting series on tool care. Your turn 🙂