Gyoten Satsuki

New addition to the benches, a rather funky Satsuki Azalea variety Gyoten. Large pink frilly flowers of different shades of pink and some stripes here and there.

The tree came in from Japan this year from Akiyama San with the help of Peter Warren.

Needs a pot which will be tricky to source I think.

Mario’s Satsuki Azalea

I have Mario’s Azalea for a few years and I like to keep him up to date.

This was it back in June in flower.

The canopy was getting too expansive and the apex was far too large. I opted to seek advice from Peter Warren about what was best for the tree and between us we reduced the foliage mass and I was able to open out the branches a little to start creating definition within the tree. This is it now.

Heavy wire was used to create a gradual bend in the branch. Peter advised that a heavier wire than you would normally use should be utilised in azaleas. This allows for greater support for a brittle tree. You can see that the apex is reduced and the tree is more open. More foliage could have been removed but as it was so late in the season we opted to leave some work until the Spring. Always do what’s best for the tree.

Satsuki Flowers

This is a satsuki azalea that I grew from a cutting. It was in my flower bed for about 6 years and was lifted last year. I just love the flowers, no idea of the variety. Any knowledgeable folk out there who know, please comment.

This is the trunk, early days but might be interesting in a few years.

Another Translation Please

This label was on this Shohin Satsuki. I assume it is the variety, but for all I know, it’s the price!! 🙂 Can someone ID/ translate it for me so Bertie knows what variety he has?

Mario Update

Another Mario tree update. If  you haven’t got a clue why I’d be doing this, CLICK HERE

First up is his Satsuki Azalea. It’s a variety called Subaru, so I’m told. I always thought the flower colour was equal throughout this tree, as you can see, I was wrong. Nice shades of pink.

Next up is his Japanese White Pine that has budded strongly this year.

His Korean Hornbeam that got a major haircut to produce back budding on some leggy branches. It’s working.

This is his Japanese Black Pine. It had been in a small pot and I thought that while he was away for a while we could get faster development from this tree by putting it in a bigger pot. I opted for a pond basket to improve the roots.

There you go Mario, that’s your tree fix sent all the way to you out in the sands 🙂

Shohin Satsuki

I have this lovely little Satsuki at the moment. It belongs to Bertie, one of our club members who exhibited it at our recent exhibition. I have it until he returns from holiday. I couldn’t resist a photo in flower.

Satsuki Guessing Game

Last year I bought this Satsuki Azalea on the cheap. I hadn’t got one and was wanting to add a splash of colour to the bench. It had been pruned hard and most of what you see here is new growth grown after I got it. It had only been fed with ‘teabags’ for the last 8 years and hadn’t been repotted in that time.

I fed it heavily from last Summer and repotted it this Spring. The one thing I didn’t know and have been guessing at is, what colour and size the flowers are. Here are the first signs of flowering. They look big, too be expected, and there appears to be a few different colours. The tree has a very long way to go before it looks presentable, but isn’t that part of the fun.