Mame Rowan

Autumn colours already appearing on this little Rowan.

Rooting into gravel tray, only way to keep these smaller ones healthy this year.


This little Rowan has found a spot to grow. It has self seeded into the top of this rotting fence post.

Reach For The Sky

Two of my little ones with the sky as a backdrop.

My little Rowan

and a little root over rock Cotoneaster

My Bonsai – Mame Collection

Today’s addition to the My Bonsai Tab is a few of my smallest trees. This includes Juniper, Rowan, Cotoneaster and Ivy. Some I’ve had for many years and some are new. I do have others in training but are not much to look at for now. I’ll add them as they progress.

HERE is the page link, or just click on the image below to view.

I have recently added a few of my better mame trees to a tufa rock planting. As it comes together, I hope to do a Case Study page about it.

Potent Flowers

Working on my trees yesterday, even on a windy afternoon, I kept getting wiffs of a potent smell. At first I thought it was the chicken pellets but the smell was truly heady and overpowering. Looking up I spotted that the Rowan tree I grew from seed was in full flower and was the source of the smell.